Finding the Right Translator

Fire-extinguishers-and-granadesWho turns fire extinguishers to hand grenades and a toolbox to a manicure set? No, we are not talking about angry sorcerers. This post is about how “translators” turn something usual into something hilarious or even dangerous.

All of us have come across really bad translations at least once in our lives. Many of them make us laugh. However, most of them are nothing to laugh at for the people who ordered decent translations and received this kind of “masterpieces”. App developers require excellent translations to enter new markets. Every mistake in the translation could leave their customers confused or even angry – and the developer’s image damaged.

A huge challenge for developers planning to enter a new market is to find a suitable translator. The following tips will help you to find the perfect translator for your requirements.

Contents of the Finding the Right Translator series

This will be the beginning of a blog series to guide you to your perfect translator. Beginning now, we will publish a new post every week explaining to you what you have to take into account when searching for a translator.

Here is a short summary of the posts we will publish over the next weeks:

  1. How Much Should a Translation Cost?
  2. Professional Translator vs. Non-professional Translator
  3. Why You Should Look for Specialized Translators
  4. The Mother Tongue of a Translator
  5. Translation Agency or Freelancer?
  6. In a Nutshell