3. Why You Should Look for Spezialized Translators

Omniscient-translatorYou wouldn’t ask your plumber to repair your car, just because both have something to do with technology. You neither should ask a translator specializing in law to translate your video game or technical app. Every professional translator specializes in one or more fields. The omniscient translator is a myth. Of course, I could translate your working contract. However, I would require much more time for the translation than a translator who specializes in law. And as we all know: time is money – your Money.

Furthermore, a translator who specializes in a different field cannot reach the quality of a specialist. He lacks the knowledge of the correct terminology and could misunderstand the content of the specialized source text. Do not take any risk here. Always look for a translator who has experience in your required field. After all, you do not want to explain to your translator what a string is.

2. Professional Translator vs. Non-Professional Translator

Last week I introduced you to non-professional translators. They have never received an education as translator and therefore do not have any certificate whatsoever to prove their qualifications.

The problem is that “translator” is not a protected job title. everybody who speaks multiple languages, could just call himself a translator. Of course, there is more to it than just speaking some languages. There is grammar to perfect, lots and lots of terminology and translation techniques to be learned, special knowledge in a working field to be obtained (e.g., apps and video games). Furthermore, a very good understanding of cultural differences is absolutely necessary. People are studying this for several years for a reason.

When searching for a suitable translator, I highly recommend you to ignore translators without actual degrees and start searching for state-certified translators, graduate translators, translators (BA) etc. – so basically any actual job title indicating their qualifications.