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What is the Translate Your App Blog About?

The main goal of this blog is to support you throughout the whole translation process. For example, we will give you tips on how to choose the perfect translator for your requirements and explain how translators work and what they require from you to do their job as good as possible.

This blog will enable you to communicate more effectively with your translator, increase the quality of your translations, and even significantly lower the costs of them.

About Translate Your App

We, i.e. Andreas and Tatjana Domme, created Translate Your App to help app and video game developers to enter the German-speaking app market by translating their software from English or Russian into German.

Since very high quality is essential to us, we always check our translations very thoroughly and consult with each other to ensure best-quality results.

To increase the quality of your texts, we can also optimize it for you in terms of comprehensibility, consistency, and translation-friendliness. A pleasant side effect of this is that your optimized texts will be cheaper to translate into further languages.

The Minds Behind Translate Your App

Andreas Domme is a state-certified and experienced translator and interpreter, and a certified technical writer. He combines his translation skills with his professional knowledge of didactics, terminology, and consistent and translation-friendly writing.

Tatjana Domme is also a state-certified and experienced translator and interpreter. She is not only a professional translator, but also a trained computer science and media including programming skills, usability know-how, and media expertise.

What we have in common is our passion for translation as well as apps and video games.

For more information about us and our services, please visit our Translate Your App website

We hope you will not only benefit from this blog, but also enjoy it.

Your Translate Your App team,

Andreas and Tatjana Domme

Author: Andreas Domme

I am a state-certifed translator offering app and game translations from English and Russian to German. In addition to this, I am an enthusiastic app user and gamer and want to help software developers to get a perfect translation of their software.

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