4. The Mother Tongue of a Translator

Mother-tongueTranslators are experts for several languages. However, every translator has only one best language – mostly his mother tongue. This is the language he uses most of the time; this is the language that is usually spoken in his home country, and despite the fact that he has received good education for his other languages and has a very good command of them, his mother tongue will always be unmatched. His other languages remain foreign languages.

This is the usual case. However, the mother tongue of a translator is not always bound to his home country. For example, a translator who was born in Germany, but moved to the USA a long time ago and since then has been primarily speaking English may experience a “mother tongue switch”. His foreign language becomes his new mother tongue. The bottom line is that the mother tongue is the language at which the translator feels the most comfortable.
Many professional translators, us included, think that translators should only translate into their mother tongue to ensure best translation quality.

If targetLanguage = motherTongue Then placeOrder()

Of course, there are many translators who offer translations from their foreign language into their mother tongue and vice versa. However, you should try to find a translator whose mother tongue is equal to the language you want your text to be translated to.

Author: Andreas Domme

I am a state-certifed translator offering app and game translations from English and Russian to German. In addition to this, I am an enthusiastic app user and gamer and want to help software developers to get a perfect translation of their software.

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